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Sun Rose is co-manufacturing their goods at many companies around the globe.

Sun Rose has a large network with thousands of stores where their products reach, worldwide; it’s basically from anywhere to anywhere, dealings in almost all continents - for import and export. If you’re a distributor or own/supervise a large supermarket and looking to expand your line, or a manufacturer that wants to reach new parts of the world - Sun Rose is your key to reach new limits for Food, Beverages & Households from around the Globe.


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Developing and importing all kinds of foods and household products around the globe.

Private Label

Get your products onto the shelves of mass merchants or add other great products.


Open up a whole new world, providing quality assurances and increasing marketability.


Benefit the peace-of-mind with competitive rates, transport process and our vast knowledge!


Import and export is what keeps the world in driving-mode these days, despite the arguments of the pros and cons of globalization or protectionism, the fact remains that distributors and wholesalers are dependent on various parts of the world, to fill up their colorful line and beautiful variety with broader selections.

Sun Rose is constantly on the go, and actively sourcing, developing and importing all kinds of foods and household products, literally around the globe.

Private Label
Private Label

Manufacturers of a single product typically don't sell to mass merchants directly, they would often turn to private labeling, rather than accept a loss. They find another company that does sell to mass merchants this or similar products and offer their product to sell under its name.

Products that are upgrades or in the family of existing product lines is the ideal complement for a company that sells other, similar products = Private Label.

Sun Rose is your resource to get your existing products onto the shelves of mass merchants, or even adding other great products under your existing PL line.


A kosher certification agency is an organization that grants the “Kosher seal of approval" to ingredients, packaged foods, beverages, as well as certain materials. Each agency has its own trademarked symbol that allows manufacturers to display on their products.

Increasing use of pre-processed ingredients – such as artificial flavorings, emulsifiers, and preservatives – has further broadened the scope of kosher certification. A product produced in one country can contain ingredients and flavorings produced in other countries; the certification agencies regularly deploy Rabbinic Representatives to factories around the world, to track ingredients at their point of origin and or oversee the production process, ensuring their compliance with Kashrut laws.

Should you need Kosher certification on products you buy or sell with Sun Rose, we will guide and assist you through the entire process.


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Transport can be very simple and hassle free when it’s arranged properly.

If it is not arranged appropriately it could be very painful and costly; the importance of a well-managed shipment begins with getting good rates, choosing the right mode of transport, between the most economical, of rail, ocean, shipping, followed by ground shipment and ultimately the fastest but the costliest, air shipping. Also, to mention having prepared the proper paper work for customs or any other agency that is involved in processing your freight along the way.

Sun Rose has a dedicated and experienced team, shopping the right rates according the origin of the shipment and according to the nature of the product being shipped, ensuring your goods are delivered smoothly. When buying or selling with Sun Rose, you consequently benefit the peace-of-mind with competitive rates and transport process, with our vast knowledge!

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